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WOW!  Over 30 years in this industry and still loving it!!

I love what I do, I don't call it a job, I call it a Wonderful Life. Not many can say that, but I'm proud I do.

I spend my days creating art, making people feel good and darn it, looking great.

I talk, I listen, I share.

I could not have done this without my night time education. That's right, after more than 30 years, I still educate myself every night after " work is over."

Thanks so much to the following few people that I rely on every day/week for ongoing advice and inspiration,

Michelle Misiuda, Thanks for being there for more than 25 years xo

Graden van Erkelens, everyday with you is an inspiration. Keep it up and I'll keep passing it on! xo

Pravana and Kaaral products, your education and products have been Amazing.

And to all my wonderful clients and KML Family, without you, there would not be ME.

Thank You  xo

What our Clients are saying about us...
  "As always, fantastic colour and style by Marilyn, Thank you for the new stylish do!" Jackie S.          
 "Once again, Marilyn outdid herself! I love my new cut, it's so easy to style!" Shelly B.
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