Heather is the youngest of 5 children and a mother of 2. She is a social butterfly and seems to know people wherever she goes. Her goal is to make people laugh, smile and/or feel good about themselves.

She graduated from Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics in 2009, and is certified in a variety of things, such as piercings, mani/pedis, stone massage, threading and much more.. Heather's knack though, is in waxing. Brazilian waxing. She is professional and will help you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.

Heather loves education and continues to learn with courses and tradeshows, to keep up with ever changing trends. 

What Our Clients are Saying about us....

"Fantastic experience with Heather! Definitely recommend to all my friends!!"  Joni-Lynn M.

"First wax in 10 years! Heather is awesome and hilarious! The experience was quick and relatively painless."  Verity T.