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About Us

After working together for nearly 17 years, Marilyn Stoffelsen and Lori Bartram have decided to make some changes to their business models.

Lori is going to remain at 101 Brant Ave, while Marilyn has made a move to 584 Colborne St, within Changes Hair Consultants.

Links to each of their online booking systems can be found on this page as well as their seperate phone numbers.

They continue to work By Appointment Only.

Hair Wash

Our Story

Its been 35 years in this wonderful industry for both Marilyn and Lori. For almost half of that time, these two friends have been working in the same Salon together. They met in high school and have travelled together for leisure and education over the years as well as seen each other through marriage, children, and recently even death. 

We have certainly enjoyed getting to know each others long time, loyal clients and sometimes even had them in the others' chair.

While they may work in separate spaces, their friendship stands the test of time.

Meet The Team

584 Colbourne St

101 Brant Ave

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